One current project, converts waste , including, plastic, Styrofoam, organic waste and Industrial Hemp, into power and water insuring a better world for all. See the various projects and technologies below!



  • This is not about global warming. This is about using waste instead of WASTING it   Waste work for us. 
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  • You know you are good when large companies want exclusivity. The more that we have on our team, the faster we can solve problems.   I and others have worked without compensation for  all the rights reasons.  Please help me make  this an easy solution to many global problems that face each and everyone of us. Inaction and Apathy are killing our chances for Prosperity for  ALL.  


Indoor/Outdoor Year Round Hybrid Grows

What makes Regener8tive Hemp unique?


Regener8tive will commercialize a proprietary and revolutionary hemp production system that will provide many measurable benefits, including the production of high quality, full-spectrum organic CBD oil, and development and distribution of new, environmentally friendly building materials and other products at competitive prices, while dramatically decreasing both energy consumption and the production of carbon, compared to conventional methods of production of these products. The company will launch three initial facilities, totaling 400 acres of production, in three states: Nevada, Oregon and Hawaii, By utilizing a proven “closed system” of growing, the facility will include climate controlled state-of-the-art greenhouses, outdoor agricultural land, and adjacent fish farming operations which will provide synergistic efficiencies and organic inputs. 

Regener8tive’s proprietary fiber processing system will provide both raw materials and finished products to the building materials industry creating new, low-cost, low-carbon, and environmentally friendly building products replacing existing materials like paper, corrugated board, wall board, and even steel in many applications. Lastly, the company’s high quality fiber products will be developed into alternative textile products that are superior to existing fibers (both natural and man-made) in a number of applications. 



Regener8tive will employ both Ethanol based and Cold Pressing systems for extraction of the CBD oil from the flowers. Regener8tive has a proprietary processing system that  results in high quality fiber that  can be fabricated into products that are fireproof, light weight, and incredibly strong, and which can be extraordinarily low-cost and effective replacements in hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of products. Initially, the company will produce and provide raw material for further fabrication, but plans to develop and market its own line of products under the Regen8tive Building Solutions Brand long-term.

Value Proposition: Summary

Regener8tive will have the management team, technical expertise, proprietary technology, and marketing expertise to develop and commercialize a revolutionary, highly efficient hemp production system that will provide measurably superior products at competitive prices in a manner that uses substantially less energy and carbon than conventional agriculture or any competing system. Completion of the first facilities in Nevada, Washington and Oregon will demonstrate the viability and competitiveness of this major advance in hemp production, and serve as a prototype for additional facilities world-wide.

Estimates of financial results indicate revenue of over $98 million will be achieved by the second full year of operations, with gross margins of 30% to 40%. The anticipated rapid revenue and margin results will insure adequate capital is available for further expansion, and will provide an attractive return on investment capital. The proven profitability and successful operation of the initial locations will enable and encourage nationwide adaptation of Regenr8tive’s system and technology, demand and sales.

In addition to the attractive financial results, the company’s successful operations will provide measurable societal and environmental benefits. A new agricultural industry will be created, providing thousands of high-quality jobs, utilizing land that is now unsuitable for other agricultural enterprises. This industry will be fully environmentally responsible, will reduce overall environmental contamination and carbon pollution, will create superior products to replace less responsible, and more expensive, alternatives, and will enable a new, large, and profitable domestic industry.

The end of the prohibition of hemp production has created a nearly unprecedented economic market opportunity with enormous potential benefits. Regener8tive is positioned to lead the creation and development of this brand new industry.

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Get involved in creating solutions that repair damage. Regener8tive, LLC was founded by and will be operated by Rosalie Bingham, holder of the title “ Nevada Industrial Hemp Grower of the Year”. Rosalie has assembled a team of experts in each facet of the process who have committed to join the organization upon initial funding. 

Meet the Founder

Here  is the  Collaboration plan  to create a better planet so that we all can work smarter and play longer. Everyone has a role they can contribute. 

3D Printer creates Tiny home

Regener8tive is a Zero Net Waste Business. We use the Carbon that can not be used for Energy to put in a 3D Printer to create  a Home!


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     WE ARE A NON PROFIT THAT WILL NOT USE MORE THAN 20% FOR  administration.  We all need to do our part to leave the planet better for future generations.  We have donated our resources to get this REGENER8TIVE SOLUTION to the mainstream and need your help.  HELP CREATE TOMORROW CITIES TODAY!  

How does ADs technically work?

This explains how Anaerobic Digestion works. 



Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

      WE ARE A NON PROFIT THAT WILL NOT USE MORE THAN 20% FOR  administration.  We all need to do our part to leave the planet better for future generations.  We have donated our resources to get this REGENER8TIVE SOLUTION to the mainstream and need your help.  HELP CREATE TOMORROW CITIES TODAY!  



Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

      WE ARE A NON PROFIT THAT WILL NOT USE MORE THAN 20% FOR  administration.  We all need to do our part to leave the planet better for future generations.  We have donated our resources to get this REGENER8TIVE SOLUTION to the mainstream and need your help.  HELP CREATE TOMORROW CITIES TODAY!   



Environmental Entrepreneur Explains How "The Green Machine" Initiative Will Help Bring Energy Independence to Las Vegas is the land of overindulgence. In addition to consuming a record-breaking amount of energy (Nevada spends $700 million per year on out-of-state fossil fuels to power the flashing lights, gigantic billboards, and air conditioned casinos,) the city also has the largest landfills in the nation. With over 44 million tourist per day, Vegas generates over 800 tons of daily food waste.
Yet if handled correctly, this gluttony and waste may actually help the city reach energy independence.  

Bingham is the founder of the  "Green Machine," an environmental initiative that converts organic waste into power and water.

This forward-thinking solution uses the current hundreds of tons of daily food waste (that is now dumped into Nevada landfills,) and instead, diverts it to an Anaerobic Digester System (ADS) The ADS system converts the organic waste into clean power and water.  The ADS will utilize all the by-product so there is no waste.
The project has already received interest from private funding which will be used to build and and operate the ADS. The project has the support of several large Nevada organizations including the local power and gas company and the Regional Transportation Commission who agreed to purchase the gas produced from the digester to fuel local bus fleets.

"We can no longer sustain the damage that has been done to our societies and planet. We need solutions that actual repair the damage that has been done..."

...says Bingham, who, as a Vegas native, is committed to creating a sustainable future for her city and her neighbors.

Rosalie Bingham is on a mission to bring energy independence to Las Vegas. She is raising public awareness of environmental issues and has information on how people can help fuel the "Green Machine."

How food waste can be used to fuel cities.
The importance of bringing energy independence to cities.
Why the "Green Machine" makes sense for casino energy.
What ordinary people can do to help the project.
Other methods for renewable energy her company is developing. 

ABOUT ROSALIE BINGHAM: Rosalie Bingham is a fourth generation Nevadan on a quest to repair and regenerate the planet.  Bingham is the founder of Regener8tive.com, a Nevada nonprofit that finds, funds, and facilitates environmental projects with solution-based methods. Regener8tive's latest project,  "The Green Machine" is an initiative to bring energy independence to cities with alternative solutions to food waste. 

Rosalie A. Bingham


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 "Life is not about Waiting for the storm to Pass. It's Learning to Dance in the Rain."
Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the... reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics." Albert Einstein





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